Gardening skill isn’t always rewarded in the UK

In most situations, British gardeners are usually praised for their skills if they can pull off amazing horticultural feats – but it’s not always the case.

In a normal world, it would all be stories about 68 year old pensioner Surjit Kainth, a gardener from Coventry who took just one tomato seed, planted it, nurtured it, and harvested more than 1,300 tomatoes from the resulting plant. Mr Kainth’s contributions to amazing feats of gardening were commemorated recently by Guinness World Records for handily beating the last record of less than 500 tomatoes in one growing season – and the seed Mr Karinth used wasn’t special by any stretch of the imagination – just a regular everyday seed like you would pick up at your local garden centre.

Of course, not all seeds are as benign. In fact, another gardener got himself in incredible hot water because of the seeds he was using – though to be honest he was kind of asking for it, considering he was working at a cannabis factory at Borehamwood!

Duc Hoang, a Vietnamese national that was found to be in the UK illegally, was recently sentenced to an eight month jail term for his role in cultivating the cannabis plants. The ersatz gardener had earned room and board for his gardening efforts – or he would have been, if it hadn’t been just a handful of weeks that the poor sod had been here before he was nicked last month.

Say what you want about Hoang but the bloke has an unmistakable green thumb – the daft idiot had some 120 cannabis seedlings and 144 fully grown plants, all of which were being fed by an incredibly advanced hydroponics system keeping everything humming along.

Now I know that Hoang was only the poor sod who took the fall for the criminals that were having him care for their cannabis crop, but it’s ironic that he’s being hauled off to jail for his gardening expertise just as Mr Kainth is being praised for his own green thumb. Just imagine what Hoang could have accomplished if he had been tending to tomatoes instead of cannabis!