Aldi comes to aid of Bristol gardeners

The planting season is more or less upon us, and discount supermarket chain Aldi is coming to the aid of Bristol gardeners everywhere this year.

There’s something like 600 Aldi supermarkets in the UK. There’s three locations in Bristol alone, so the discounts shoppers can find whenever they visit are pretty good. Then again, Aldi just started online shopping in 2016 as well, so now you don’t even have to leave your home – and now the company says it’s going to start offering electrical goods, cycling gear, and yes even gardening equipment.

Starting on 10 March – just around the corner, really – Aldi is going to launch its already well-known ‘Specialbuys’ events as online offers. No, this isn’t going to include a full range of the store’s food offerings, but twice a week there’ll be special discounts for gardening tools as well as the current deals on offer, which include a blender and a handheld vacuum.

It’s not just gardening enthusiasts that Aldi is catering to this spring and summer. In fact, the discount chain went out on a limb by launching a caravanning equipment range for anything you might need to enjoy your hobby, from windshields to so-called ‘relaxer’ chairs. And if you have a nice night out under the stars with the kids already abed, Aldi’s offering free delivery on cases of wine to boot.

Honestly I’m not surprised that Aldi is stepping up its game when it comes to competing with the big boys in the UK. Places like Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s are watching market share get gobbled up by discount chains like Lidl and Aldi. And let’s be honest – are you going to motor over to Tesco for some potting soil and a new trowel when you can get it cheaper by ordering it from Aldi online? Plus you don’t even have to put your trousers on if you don’t want to! That sounds even better to me.

So yes, if you ask me, it sounds like I’ll be checking out Aldi’s online offerings to see if I can get some gardening equipment shipped directly to my door, especially if it means I can avoid some of the mucking about at regular supermarkets. Still, I doubt that Aldi is going to replace my local lawn and garden centre. I don’t care how cheap and convenient Aldi might be – sometimes you need to go with a professional.