It’s not too late for Easter blooms

Gardeners in Bristol, take heart: if you neglected to plant your annuals last autumn, you can still have some beautiful blooms in time for Easter.

That’s right, all is not lost if you couldn’t get around to planting those bulbs back when the weather turned colder last year. Sometimes things happen and you simply can’t get to it; perhaps you weren’t exactly rolling in dough at the time. Maybe you couldn’t get out and do the gardening because you were busy at work or with the kids. Or maybe you just didn’t have the desire to get out and get it done.

Well, I’m not going to judge. There are any number of reasons why you didn’t get those annuals in the ground in time to be ready for spring; whatever they were, now you’re regretting it as your gardens are barren and drab while your neighbours have beautiful blooms with Easter right around the corner. Do you feel bad about yourself as a result? You don’t have to, because it’s absolutely not too late for Easter blooms! As long as you don’t mind cheating a bit.

Here’s the secret of the best professional gardeners in Bristol: you can visit your local garden centre and pick up some bulbs that have been carefully cultivated all winter. Tulips, scillas, anemones, daffodils, you name it – they’re all in perfect shape to be picked up and brought home, ready to fill those barren bits in your garden that are going to be used for summer bedding anyway. Not only that, but these bulbs can and do come back, either if they’re potted or left in the garden. Your best bet, to get that natural look anyway, is to pack them in good and tight. Start today and have a luscious look just in time for Easter Sunday, as your new annuals will need at least a few days to adjust to their new environment.

These bulbs will last past Easter, of course. If you want to get a jump on next year’s gardening, just keep up with your maintenance on them and let them enjoy a nice, long season of life before they die down like they’re designed to. That bulb will get plenty of rest and come back next spring – and this time you won’t have to worry about missing out and being harried when Easter comes once again, just like it does every year!