It’s the perfect time to encourage your child to garden!

Kids glued to the television or their computers? Are their bums spreading a bit too wide for your tastes? Now is the time to get them outside!

Listen, it can be hellish to try to get your children interested in new hobbies and activities. Nobody is going to tell you otherwise. But let’s be perfectly honest here: the time is right to get them excited, or at the very least, curious, when it comes to gardening.

Now that the Easter holidays have come and gone, and the weather is getting truly spring-like, gardeners are all coming out of the woodwork to get their flower beds, their lawns, and their grow-your-own veg plots in order for the season. It’s really the best time of the year to start seeing if you can’t get your young ones out of the house where they’ve been sheltering in place for the winter and get them out in the fresh air – and to get them a bit of beneficial exercise by turning up some nice, fresh earth with a trowel.

Nobody’s expecting your kid to become the world’s best gardening expert overnight. It’s hard to motivate children to get invested in something that won’t see immediate results, as you’ve got seeds or bulbs to plant and then tend to for quite some time before you start seeing results. But with the weather turning pleasant it’s an excellent excuse to get outside and get dirty – and we certainly need to be encouraging our kids to get down on their hands and knees to play in the dirt from time to time – and what better time of the year than now, when the birds are singing, the breezes are gentle instead of ghastly, the days are getting longer and more bright and sunny?

Hey, your children are only young once. Spend some quality time with them in the afternoons and the weekends by playing around in the garden. Even if they just loll about on the lawn while you do all of the work, think of it as an excellent opportunity to bond with them, teach them the merits of nature and the outdoors, and build some pleasant memories you can look back on with nostalgia when they come home at 3 in the morning with a few more dents in the family car than there were when they left that evening. It might just save their life!