Prince Charles gardens with grandson

Prince Charles, the preeminent gardener in the Royal Family, says he enjoys gardening with his grandson Prince George and hopes it encourages a hobby.

The Prince of Wales is a well-known horticulturist in his own right, enjoying his efforts in the garden. Nothing is better to him, though, than sharing his beloved hobby with his grandson, as Prince Charles told BBC Radio 4 that little Prince George has been helping his royal granddad plant a few trees at the old Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire. Prince Charles even said he’s been redesigning a few of his gardens to appealĀ to children.

The key to developing a love of nature, and of gardening of course, is by starting young, said the prince. Planting a tree or two when a child is only a few years old can bring years of joy and wonder, as over the years, Prince George can see how the tree he helped plant himself has grown and changed. Prince Charles says that it will hopefully generate an interest in the young prince to take up the hobby himself, or at least have an appreciation for it. There’s no way of knowing what people are going to be interested in when it comes right down to it, the prince added.

Gardeners in Bristol and beyond will surely agree with the Prince of Wales and his assessment of the hobby, as he called it “marvellous” and “therapeutic.” He also said that it’s as likely to be rewarding as it is to drive you mad. Still, he attributed much of his love for gardening to the time he spent with The Queen Mother, his grandmother, as they tended the gardens in Windsor Great Park at Royal Lodge. The prince also said the pottering about Buckingham Palace’s garden, as he enjoyed tending a garden plot close to Constitution Hill.

Showing an astute grasp of how gardening can support childlike wonder and glee, the prince even said that he’s had a child-friendly maze up at Dumfries House in Scotland. He attributed the success to putting himself in the position of the child, finding that the tactic works at times. I’m sure Prince George is going to have wonderful, fond memories of his grandfather and the time spent together gardening, just as the Prince of Wales spoke with fondness of the time spent with his own grandmother.