RHS gets ready for National Gardening Week

The Royal Horticultural Society is getting in the swing, ready to dazzle visitors at RHS gardens everywhere for National Gardening Week.

Gardeners in Bristol are lucky that RHS Garden Rosemoor is relatively close by in lovely North Devon. This makes it rather convenient to take some time to get down there and join in the festivities. There are things going on at the other RHS gardens of course, but no one is going to be traveling to Hyde Hall or Harlow Carr with Rosemoor right next door.

So what’s on the go for nearby Rosemoor?¬†Author Matt James will be there this week to promote How to Plant a Garden, his recent RHS Book. From 16 April, the garden will see a a Greening Grey Britain & Get Fit Gardening Weekend, complete with advisors on hand to provide tips to improve front gardens that have been letting the side down and t’ai chi drop-in demonstrations as well. It’s all part of the theme for this year’s National Gardening Week, which is “get fit in the garden.”

Truth be told, gardening is a brilliant way to get fit, especially for anyone who isn’t in the right shape for more high-impact exercise. Besides, gardening gets you out in the fresh air and sunlight, which has its own health benefits of its own. This doesn’t even get into the benefits of beautifying your front and back gardens. And if you grow your own fruit and veg, that’s another layer of complexity and benefit atop that as well! Truly gardening is one of those rare hobbies that rewards on almost every single level. It’s about time that the RHS gives a bit back to all of us who have been getting our hands (and knees, and elbows, and so on) dirty!

Well, the RHS has certainly listened. If you’re looking to save a few quid, 15 April is National Open Gardens Day, and you’ll be able to attend your local RHS garden free of charge. Go on, enjoy the beautiful grounds if you can! Hopefully the weather will be amenable and you can have a lovely time with you and your family. Really, Rosemoor isn’t that far away. What are you doing that’s so important this week that you can’t literally stop and smell the roses for a few hours?