Here at Lawnz, we respect the privacy of visitors to our website as much as the privacy we extend to those whose gardens we tend.

Whilst you’re browsing our pages, it’s our intention to keep you safe for the duration of your stay.

The following privacy policy outlines both our obligations and the voluntary steps we’ve undertaken to respect and protect any information you disclose to us whilst you’re here. Thank you.

What information does the Privacy Policy seek to protect?

During the course of your visit to, you may well choose to submit a request for a call back from Russell for one of the many gardening services that we provide.

This may entail you submitting your first or last names, or both, telephone numbers, both landline or mobile, your instant messenger id or your e-mail address across our secure server, all depending upon the nature of your enquiry.

We’ll never ask for more than personal data than that which we believe is necessary for every eventuality during your time with us.

The efforts we’ve made to protect the information we have/will ask you to submit in the natural course of being able to provide our service has been appraised, endorsed and acquired approval from the Legal Centre UK.

Over time, we may have to update this privacy policy, or amend certain aspects, as privacy laws often change.

It’s well worth reading the privacy policy before you submit your information and on any returning visits, purely to ensure that there have been no changes since the last time you used our online gardening request for quotation service.

How uses your information

As much as we love our website, we are gardeners at heart.

In order to improve the service we offer on line, we may occasionally store browsing history to submit to our website engineers to help us improve customers’ usability and navigation around the site.

Rest assured, all of this data collection is undertaken within the parameters of privacy laws and is very much a secondary purpose, your online safety being our main concern. Having collected this data, we may subsequently use it in the following positive ways:

  • to contact you regarding your gardening quote and/or order
  • e-mail you with appropriate news and events affecting the scope of’s services, specifically for our long-term customers
  • in order to continually improve our online service, ask for feedback about your on-site experience here at
  • to manage, update or cancel your e-mail subscription, its processing and verification
  • submit site visitors’ activity for analysis to avail us of a better understanding of how surfers use our site to help improve its searchability, navigation and overall usability

Whilst it’s our full intention to remain an independent, family-run firm, it’s not unusual within the industry to form joint ventures with like companies where their area of expertise, or ours, is of mutual benefit.

It may be likewise beneficial to share your information in such cases; however, it will not be shared, sold or rented for our personal gain.

The only time your data will be shared beyond these boundaries is either if the law dictates that we must or with your full permission and approval.

Storing your information on our secure servers

Any information that you choose to submit to us digitally across the internet will automatically be stored on our own secure server.

Should there be the need to print off any of your information, it will be stored away in a secure filing system.

No one can ever guarantee 100% secure data transmission over the Internet. However, please take heart in the knowledge that we have done everything within our powers to protect both your and our information as it travels through cyber space.

Similarly offline, everyone who works at is very aware of the need for customer confidentiality.

We have strict procedures in place to ensure that your identity is never willingly jeopardised or shared with those who have no right to access it.

There is a maximum period of time that we’re allowed to retain any customer’s personal and unique identifying information.

We have protocol built into our system for that period of time as it stands and provision to adapt, should the law itself change.

Cookies are placed purely to enhance your browsing experience

In order to take your viewing experience of our website to the next level, we use Cookies.

These are simply small temporary files that, once placed on your computer, help our servers recognise certain aspects about both the hard- and software that you’re using to view our pages.

Every browser, i.e. Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, operates differently, as do the various versions of computer operating systems and, of course, mobiles, tablets, PCs and Macs.

A Cookie will store all of this information so that the next time you visit, our web pages and your computer recognise each other instantly to make the whole process a lot smoother.

All of the data we collect builds a pattern of our total viewing history, appraised as a whole and anonymously.

We can then tell from the amount of time people spend on our site, what they click on to or away from and what they actually read or quickly ‘bounce’ off what’s working on site and what’s not so popular.

Again, this is analysed so that we can tailor to only try to show you relevant content, news and offers.

You are well within your rights to adjust your Cookie settings on your computer to prevent Firewall from accepting any form of tracking being placed on your hard drive.

However, this may render some pages of our website inaccessible or, by not being able to tell what software you’re using, make the display properties indistinguishable on your screen.

Privacy Policy updates

Both the law and technology are laws unto themselves.

We are duty-bound to make amendments of the privacy policy when the law itself changes. In order to continue to improve our service, we have a duty to you, our loyal customers, to implement new technology when it is of mutual benefit.

Should there be any major changes in the law or basic functionality of our website, we feel it our responsibility to avail you of such changes.

Therefore, should your information, such as primary e-mail address, address or phone number change, it would be great if you’d let us know.

Have your say

What do you think of

Specifically the website and your viewing experience, but if you have comments about our gardening service too, you’re more than welcome to submit that.

Please feel free to e-mail Russell with any comments, recommendations or feedback. We know from our order book and your loyalty that you love our service.

However, it is great to hear from you personally that there’s an aspect of our business that you’re particularly fond of.

Whether it’s the end result, simplicity of site use or overall stress-free manner with which your whole experience was handled, please feel free to let us know.

Conversely, if you have negative feedback, we are equally as keen, if not moreso, to hear your issues and will strive to correct any oversight at your earliest convenience.

I don’t want my information stored on your server

We totally understand if you’re uncomfortable with your information being held on our, or anyone’s, secure server.

Should you wish us to remove your personal data, please feel free to ask. For legal reasons and to satisfy H.M. Customs & Excise, there is information we need to keep in our accounts system for the minimum duration as dictated by law.

However, to have your information removed from all other databases within our business, please submit your request via e-mail to Russell, who’ll arrange to have your data removed, without question.